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Click on the images to download the video.  All SCMC members are welcomed to submit a short video or audio clip.  Please send Audio and Video Clips to Edmond.

Info:Take a ride with The SCMC President around Motorsport Ranch in Houston!


Info:Pat Madigan on the high speed autocross!

2.43 Mb

Info: Boss Shinoda Smokey Burnout at Ford 100th

302 Kb


Info: Mega Blast how many times can you shift in under 13 sec?

SCMC Member: Joey Smith

300 Kb

Info: When the light goes green

SCMC Member: Channing Mcleod

263 Kb

Info: Silver Viper's 1/4 Pass

SCMC Member: George Ciamillo

479 Kb

Info: White Cobra Coupe

SCMC Member: Mike Tolbert

443 Kb

Info: Black '99 Cobra

SCMC Member: Paul Locklair

443 Kb

Info: White '96 Cobra Coupe

SCMC Member: John Poe

656 Kb

Info: Chrome Yellow '99 GT (First Nitrous Run)

SCMC Member: Rich Wilson

1.30 Mb

Info: Black '93 Cobra

SCMC Member: Scott Florczyk

431 Kb

Info: '99 Red Cobra

SCMC Member: Tony Sorrentino

673 Kb

Info: A Pair of '99 Cobras duke it out!

SCMC Members: Cobra vs. Cobra

375 Kb

Info: Black '99 Cobra

SCMC Member: Dean Burgin

248 Kb

Info: Putting the guys to shame!

SCMC Member: Brenda Leberte

720 Kb

Info: Geogre's 2nd Blast

SCMC Member: George Ciamillo

456 Kb

Info: Black and Blue Cobra Verts

SCMC Member: Dean Smeltzer

279 Kb

Info: Smokin Joe's Black Cobra

SCMC Member: Joe Fillmer

464 Kb

Info: Mike's LX Notchback

SCMC Member: Mike Carson

384 Kb

Info: Wade's '92 GT

SCMC Member: Wade Sox

328 Kb

Info: Nitroused Viper R/T 10

Dodge Viper

328 Kb

Info: Crystal White '97 Cobra

SCMC Member: Thomas Bramblett

325 Kb

Info: Dyno Run

SCMC Member: Joey Smith

1.75 Mb

Info: Tom Kickin' Butt @ Road Atlanta

SCMC Member: Tom Lewis

254 Kb