Project Red


What is it?

Project Red is a 1995 Rio Red SVT Mustang Cobra Coupe. It needs a lot of work and we will be posting both video and pictures of the progress of the car. It will not be a concours show car but rather a daily driver brought back to life from years of neglect.


Click the photo for a brief walk around of the car.


Problems with Project J:

1. Faded Paint

2. Small dents and dings

3. Radio does not have Mach 460 system or CD player

4. Needs a battery hold down for the battery

5. Driver side fender has a dent in it

6. Keys are different for ignition and doors

7. steering wheel needs new leather cover.

8. Seats are ripped and dry rotted

9. Needs new carpet (well, at least the headliner is good)

10. Taillights and headlights are discolored

11. Oil leak underneath

12. A/C does not work, needs a new air compressor

13. Needs a new cowl cover for the windshield wipers

14. Needs new molding for the doors and windows

15. Some items in the engine compartment should be repainted

16. Missing radiator cover

17. Missing radiator air deflector

18. Cigarette lighter not working

19. Light on fog light switch not working

20. Trunk license plate lights need replacing

21. Remove pin striping

22. No remote for the door locks

23. Clutch/brake pedal pads need replacing

24. Remove and replace idler pulley for AC/PS

25. Install lowering springs

26. Remove and replace fuel tank gasket

27. Remove and replace brake pads

28. Remove and replace rotors and brake lines

29. Replace spark plugs, wires, and fuel filter

30. Install proper distributor cover, rotor button, and distributor cap

31. Door drops and need new hinges

32. Rear Bumper cover cracked



Items that are not problems:

1. Engine does not knock or smoke

2. Transmission stays in gear

3. This Cobra has a smooth body and when it is painted, it will look awesome!

4. Factory radio works (Non Mach 460 sound system)

5. Wheels look nice but need polishing

6. Tires are in good shape

7. All lights work which means no shorts in the wiring

8. Trunk release mechanism works

9. Windows go up and down without issue

10. Carpet is in fair condition



What will happen over the course of the year


1. Tune up with new wires, cap, rotor, and plugs

2. Install new fuel tank gasket

3. New radiator cover installed

4. Install door hinges and fender

5. Install new distributor cover

6. New brakes and rotors

7. AC fixed and a new compressor

8. Lowering springs

9. Replace rear bumper cover


What will happen over the course of more than a year:


1. New paint

3. dyno tune with chip

4. New front upper control arms



Possible modifications in the future:


1. Turbo power adder


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